Can’t play the uke (yet)?

The ukulele really is pretty easy to learn.

If you have access to a uke and have at least had someone teach you how to hold it and tune it, Ukulele Hunt has a nice downloadable guide for noobs.

If you don’t have a uke but think you might like to buy one, you’ll probably like the Ukulele Tricks rundown on beginner uke buying. The very nicest way to get a uke, if you’re able to, is to go to a ukulele shop. They’ll have a range of sizes and prices and be able to help you find one you love. You can get a perfectly decent uke for $20 all the way up to a fancy one for thousands. You can also usually find someone at the store who offers group or private classes, in case you’re like me and enjoy someone telling you how to play.

There are also loads of video lessons on Youtube, covering picking and strumming. I like this guy because he’s funny, but there are SO MANY. SO MANY.