What Are We Waiting On (2017 version)

What Are We Waiting On (2017 Version)

Woody Guthrie (Lyrical update by Natalie Quick)

CThere’s a great and a bloody Ffight

Round Cthis whole world tonight

And the battle, the bombsG and shrapnel rain

Bannon Ctold the world aroundF he would Ctear our union down

But our union’s gonna break those slavery chains

Our union’s Ggonna break Cthose slavery chains

CI walked up on a Fmountain in the Cmiddle of the day

I could see every Gfarm and every town

I Ccould see all the Fpeople in the Cwhole wide world

That’s the Cunion that’ll tear Steve Bannon down

That’s the union that’ll Gtear the Cfascists down

CWhen I think about the Fpeople and the Cpoverty and pain

While money lines the G pockets of The Don

I know C the government has failed us and wants Fus to take the Cblame

Good Cpeople, what are we waiting on?

Good G people, what C are we waiting on?

CSo I thank the ones who Fseek to give a Cvoice to the weak

CAllies the whole Gwide world around

CRise up and be Fheard, disregard the Cfascists’ word

CRise up and tear the fascists down, down, down

CRise up Gand tear the Cfascists down!